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Don’t take risks with OHS compliance. With CCH’s Work Health and Safety Law Reporter, stay up-to-date with the latest changes. 

Includes an Introduction by The Hon Julia Gillard MP, Prime Minister of Australia!


  • CCH has brought together a pre-eminent team of experts to make sure our subscribers have access to the most comprehensive information about the changes: Cormack Dunn (Freehills), Professor Richard Johnstone (Griffith University), Emeritus Professor Ron McCallum AO (Sydney University) and Wendy Thompson (Denman Chambers).
  • The Work Health and Safety Law Reporter will contain annotated legislation, which means that each of the provisions of the Act will be explained with extensive commentary and relevant case references.
  • The annotations will make clear the extent to which the new model OHS laws deviate from the existing laws in each of the jurisdictions.
  • The Work Health and Safety Law Reporter will also contain separate commentary on key concepts, the development and harmonisation of OHS law, as well as how an organisation should ensure compliance with the new OHS laws from a corporate governance perspective (e.g. to comply with the new duty on directors to exercise due diligence)
  • The Work Health and Safety Law Reporter will contain a practice and procedure section which will assist lawyers and barristers who are required to attend court to defend a prosecution.

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Latest news

Our experts give their views and insights into the changes in the following feature articles.

(26 November 2012)  Harmonisation of WHS Laws — 2012 in review, 26 November 2012

Download our harmonisation checklist!

View the progress of the Work Health and Safety Legislation across all States and Territories here

(23 April 2012) Proposed Commonwealth OH&S laws to hit
Victorian businesses would face additional costs of more than $3.4 billion over the next five years under the Commonwealth’s proposed national occupational health and safety laws.

(11 November 2011) Why the CCH Australian Work Health and Safety Law Reporter has become the toast of the town

(19 October 2011) Key aspects of the Model WHS Regulations
In this article Cormack Dunn from the Freehills National Safety Team explains the key aspects of the new Model Work Health and Safety Regulations (Model Regulations), and in particular, the risk management philosophy which underpins the Model Regulations.

(6 October 2011) Update on OHS harmonisation: Where are we at? The planned commencement date for the Model Work Health and Safety Laws is now a few short months away. In this article we go ‘around the grounds’ and provide an update of the progress of reform in each Australian State and Territory.

(30 May 2011) Queensland enacts model work health and safety lawsIn this article, Cormack Dunn and Patrick Barry from the National Safety Team at Freehills examine the recent enactment of the model laws and highlight the need for more work to be done to harmonise other workplace safety legislation in those industries that are critical to Australia’s economic future.>>

(10 May 2011) A change of courts and fast-tracked safety laws in store for NSW. Cormack Dunn, Senior Associate at Freehills, sheds light on recently introduced Work Health and Safety legislation in New South Wales Parliament and imminent changes to take place in advance of the
commencement of the nationally harmonised laws.>>

(30 March 2011) Transitional arrangements for model laws explainedSafe Work Australia recently released guidance on how states and territories should transition their existing occupational health and safety (OHS) legislation to the new nationally harmonised model Work Health and
Safety (WHS) legislation. The precise nature of these arrangements is addressed under 12 principles. This
article explains the transitional arrangements and discusses when their introduction can be expected.

(25 March 2011) Is this “Clayton’s harmonisation”? In a recent “webinar” presentation, Nichola Constant, Director, People and Culture Strategies, questioned whether the use of jurisdictional notes in the model Work Health and Safety Bill (WHS Bill) could lead to “Clayton’s harmonisation”, referring to the non-alcoholic drink which was billed as the “drink you are having when you’re not having a drink” popular in the 1990s. >>

(12 January  2011)The new officers’ duty under the model WHS Act: new duty or more of the same? The new officers’ duty contained in the WHS Act has attracted a significant amount of interest since the draft WHS Act (then called the Safe Work Act) was released in October 2009 (the latest draft was released in May 2010). In addition to the primary duty of care contained in s 19 of the WHS Act, s 27 requires that an
officer of a person conducting a business or undertaking exercise due diligence to ensure that a duty holder
complies with its obligations under the WHS Act. >>

(16 December 2011) Leading safety lawyer cautions against scepticism of OHS harmonisation.Cormack Dunn practises as a Senior Associate in the Occupational Health and Safety team at the Sydney Freehills office. Formerly a WorkCover Inspector, Dunn has both prosecuted and defended OHS matters. He speaks to CCH about the model Work Health and Safety Regulations (WHS Regulations) and what it means
for the harmonisation process. >>



National OHS bodies

Safe Work Australia
Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities

OHS Authorities

WorkCover NSW
Victoria WorkCover Authority
Workplace Health & Safety (DEIR - Queensland) 
SafetyLine (Worksafe WA)
SafeWork SA 
Tasmanian Workplace Standards Authority
WorkSafety ACT 
NT WorkSafe

International links

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work  
NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health, USA 
HSE (Health & Safety Executive, UK)
OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration, USA)
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine


Latest Products

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 Due Diligence: Duty of Officers

This is the first book in CCH’s new Due Diligence series and examines the role and duties imposed on officers pursuant to the new Model Work Health and Safety laws, the majority of which commenced on 1st January 2012.

OHS Solution Finder

OHS Solution Finder is the ultimate research tool for OHS and HR managers, as well as legal practitioners. OHS and workers compensation legislation, cases, commentary and best practice are covered comprehensively. >>

Managing OHS

Managing Occupational Health & Safety gives best practice guidance to occupational health and safety managers. Effective safety management ranges from hazard identification, through to risk management and incident investigation. >>

The Hands On Guide: OHS Manager

The product outlines key legislative requirements from the OHS manager’s perspective, and provides basic policy and procedural information for establishing, managing, recording and communicating an in-house health and safety program. >>

Understanding the Model Work Health and Safety Act

This overview has been designed for OHS professionals and others who need to be prepared ahead of the 2012 changes and face the challenge of applying this legislation to their business. >>

Journal of Health, Safety & Environment

The Journal of Health, Safety & Environment is the most respected peer-reviewed HSE journal in Australia, with a growing reputation overseas. This multidisciplinary journal presents current HSE research and the latest emerging HSE topics as examined by academics. It is essential reading for committed HSE researchers and professionals. The journal provides practical research-based solutions for HSE problems, analyses of various management strategies, and reviews of contemporary HSE issues. >>

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