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CCH Education 

CCH's Education Division publishes textbooks, online instructor resources and online library resources to provide students, academics and professional-in-practice with accurate, relevant and timely resources.

We publish textbooks in all business categories - Law; Taxation & Accounting; Superannuation & Financial Planning; Occupational Health & Safety; and Human Resources.

Our online instructor resources are linked to our principal textbooks and offer academics complete teaching solutions. Solutions to topic questions; multiple choice questions and answers; suggested essay answers; and study guides are the tools offered for academics to extend their teaching and assessment areas. Lecture outlines; instructor manuals; workbooks and flowcharts all aid teachers in presenting their subjects with the utmost clarity.

Our textbooks are cross-referenced to each other - where relevant - and to our library resources offering academics and students the opportunity to research more deeply than a traditional textbook would normally allow. These library resources are the principal research tools used in the business world and in professional practice, and draw on the significant knowledge and expertise of the entire CCH publishing team. Indeed, many university libraries now subscribe to our full range of online resources.

Want a desk copy of our titles?

If you would like to discover how CCH could help you achieve your educational needs or to order your desk copy please contact the CCH Academic Account Manager in your region.

New book proposals

CCH always welcomes new book proposals. Please contact the Academic Account Manager for your state to discuss your proposal.

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