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Australia's legal profession to benefit from strategic online partnership

Australia's legal profession is set to reap major benefits from the extension of a unique partnership between the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) and CCH Australia.

AustLII, the premier online information source for legal professionals, is combining its free internet access of Australian legal materials with CCH's comprehensive legal content and commentary in an Australian first.

The collaboration was formed following independent research on the most popular websites and the types of information being sought.

CCH Publishing Managing Director Pip Hughes said: "We recognised the trend towards publicly available information via the web would continue to flourish. AustLII is clearly the most popular site for legal professionals and given that its users visit their site to access free source material, we saw this as an ideal 'virtual' environment in which to put our related commentary in context.

"Keeping abreast of legislative developments and case law is vital to the success of a legal practice, and access to high quality, accurate and timely information is imperative for practising lawyers and students.

"We are providing access to more than 30 years' of online subscription content in addition to related commentary which has been provided by some of Australia's leading legal practitioners," continued Pip Hughes.

Visitors to the AustLII website will be able to search CCH's entire online database of subscription information by simply clicking a link on the AustLII website.

Existing CCH customers will be able to click seamlessly from search results to CCH content, assuming they are already logged into CCH. If they're not already logged in, they will be asked to provide their log-in details to access their first search result only. AustLII users who are not existing CCH customers will be offered trial access on completion of a brief registration form.

"Our aim is to provide the legal profession with better access to information. This relationship with CCH certainly increases the availability of valuable legal materials to our users and enhances AustLII's status as a leading provider of Internet content," said Professor Graham Greenleaf, co-Director of AustLII.

For further information please contact:

    Michelle L'Huillier

    Lexia Communications

    Tel: (02) 9299 8754

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