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CCH, one of Australia's pre-eminent information services brands, extends its reach

Diskcovery Information Management Solutions, a leading provider of information management services, will now operate under the CCH brand and will go to market as CCH Workflow Solutions. CCH is a power brand of Wolters Kluwer, a leading multinational publisher and information services company.

Wolters Kluwer Asia Pacific's acquisition of Diskcovery in August 2002 continued the business' shift from primarily a publishing house to an information services provider. Consistent with Wolters Kluwer's decision to consolidate its brands, CCH Workflow Solutions will adopt the new global corporate identity.

Gary Kendrick, Managing Director, Diskcovery, said "The CCH name has a synergy with quality and dependence, to change our name to CCH Workflow Solutions made complete sense. Being part of a brand with a reputation like CCH means our customers will receive products and services of the highest standard. We are excited to be a part of the CCH name, not on only does this mean a quality product for our customers, it also allows us to access new technologies from around the world quicker and easier than ever before.

The support we have received from Wolters Kluwer to develop and grow has been fantastic; CCH Workflow Solutions now has offices in Singapore and Hong Kong plus business partnerships throughout Asia, UK and the United States. This network places us in a great position to provide all our customers with a comprehensive range of services no matter where they are located. It is an exciting new chapter for us; I look forward to being part of the success of CCH Workflow Solutions now and into the future".

CCH Workflow Solutions will continue to provide the existing range of litigation support and workflow management services it does to its customers now, with a view of expanding those services further into the future.

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