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CCH launches new internet portal

Business publisher and information group CCH has launched a new internet portal,, which brings together the best of business information available on the world wide web.

Content for the site comes from extensive research by CCH on the internet experience of thousands of business professionals.

"This research gave us some valuable pointers, it told us what sites people are visiting and why," said Mr Willem van Zanten, CCH Regional Director.

"Some business users of the net are very frustrated - they know what they need is out there, but the effort in reaching it successfully is proving too much hassle," Mr van Zanten said.

"Our aim is to weed out the rubbish and reduce the time wasted by these business professionals by aggregating all the valuable information relevant to their profession into one structured area," Mr van Zanten added.

A central feature of the portal is the CCH WebGuide which provides editorial reviews and links to the best free, relevant third party information on the web.

The CCH WebGuide is staffed by a team of editors dedicated to ensuring that a pathway is in place for users entering the site with a particular query or interest in a specific topic.

"We are basically refining the search exercise for users - by starting off at they will be able to find the solution they require much more efficiently than going through a regular search engine," Mr van Zanten said.

The CCH portal is geared towards delivering a more user friendly web experience.

For those who want to go deeper into certain topics, CCH's portal also offers access to its products that have established a reputation for expert information in the areas of tax, accounting, law and human resources. replaces and

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