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Can Australia overcome the skills shortage?

Friday, 22 August 2008


Staffing is one of the biggest factors contributing to business success.


So much so, that on the 4th July 2008, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, urged the states and territories to boost their use of state-sponsored skilled migration to meet labour market demands. It is not the first time the Government has identified the problem of a national skills shortage. Back in 2005, the Skilled Workers Forum was held to discuss factors for attracting and retaining workers and since then, this issue has been looming large on the national agenda. 


The Forum highlighted current issues including the ageing workforce, skilled migration and the duration of apprenticeships, all issues which continue today.  This year, the Rudd Federal Government’s May Budget added an additional 31 000 skilled migrants to the 2008-09 Migration Program to help employers.

However it is not enough for the government to encourage more workers into the country, responsibility must then shift to businesses to retain them.


In response to this CCH (a Wolters Kluwer business), have released a new book containing a series of practical and legal tips along with 10 genuine Australian case studies and strategies used by businesses that have achieved success in this area including St George Bank, Sensis, KPMG and Integral Energy. The appropriately titled Finders Keepers: How to attract & retain great employees is written by respected Harmers Workplace Lawyers partners, Joydeep Hor and Louise Keats and addresses key aspects of both the recruitment phase and the employment relationship.


This new title will arm businesses with the knowledge and strategies to improve retention in the workplace.

“In this climate, HR practitioners need to arm themselves with as much knowledge on practical tactics to combat employee turnover,” said Finders Keepers authors, Joydeep Hor and Louise Keats.


“In our view, one of the best tools available to employees and HR Practitioners seeking to improve their retention strategies is to learn from organisations who are leaders in this regard,” they said.


Joydeep Hor and Louise Keats believe the practical approach in the book will be the most effective in helping businesses looking to increase staff loyalty.


“We have also examined the key legal considerations arising in the attraction and retention context and how employers can best respond to these.”


For more details on Finders Keepers please visit



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