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Online legal research now even easier

Business publisher CCH Australia Limited today announced that its legal publications now form part of the online AustLII legal information network, which currently carries 30% of all legal website traffic. For the first time, over 170,000 regular weekly AustLII web visitors will have the ability to search CCH's vast array of legal publications for the answers to their business questions.

AustLII has revolutionised access to Australian law. As one of the world's largest providers of free access to legal information, AustLII is one of the most popular legal websites across the country, with over 3 million page views weekly.

"As a result of the alliance, legal practitioners will have easier access to a wider range of legislation, case histories and precedents, no matter what their location or size of practice. This is another example of CCH supporting freedom of information in the legal arena," said CCH Resident Director, Mr Willem van Zanten.

"The alliance represents another significant step for CCH in growing interest in the Internet as a source of business support for legal professionals," said Mr van Zanten. "Our goal is to provide businesses with access to the best in legal content from the best sources, when they need it. Making our information widely available on AustLII equips businesses to make more informed decisions, faster, smarter and with more confidence."

According to AustLII's Executive Director, Mr Philip Chung, "Whilst AustLII's focus remains on providing free, publicly accessible, online legal resources, we are pleased that our users will now be able to search over value added services from CCH."

About CCH

CCH Australia is a leading provider of smart information tools for business professionals, serving legal, tax, business and education markets. CCH Australia is part of the Wolters Kluwer group of companies, one of the world's largest business publishing alliances. The Group employs more than 19,000 people with interests in 26 countries, representing annual sales of more than EUR 3 billion in 1999. For more information, please visit

About AustLII

Established in 1995, AustLII is a joint initiative between the Faculties of Law at the University of New South Wales and the University of Technology, Sydney. AustLII is one of the world's largest providers of free access to legal information, accounting for over 30% of all legal website traffic in Australia. AustLII has access to over 122 databases providing comprehensive coverage of Australian legislation and case law on a global and domestic scale. For more information, please visit

For further information please contact 1300 300 224.

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