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Professionals embrace Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is rapidly changing the landscape of professional information, in particular how professionals search for information and communicate with one another. CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business, recently undertook research to better understand the relationships between Professionals, Information and Web 2.0 applications.


More than 200 CCH customers from professional service firms and academic institutions across the Asia Pacific region responded to a range of questions on how they use Web 2.0 applications in their workplace and how they expect to use these applications in the future.


The questions focused on four elements of Web 2.0; wikis, blogs, social networks, and RSS feeds and readers, all of which are fast becoming an invaluable extension to the way that professionals traditionally communicate or conduct research.


Over 90% of professionals believe that Web 2.0 has relevance in the workplace whilst 59% of Professionals use Web 2.0 at least once a week; these figures are set to increase over the next three years.


Other key findings include:


  • Legal professionals have higher adoption of Web 2.0 applications compared to Accounting professionals.

  • The primary professional use for Web 2.0 is research, current awareness and communication with peers.

  • Trust in Web 2.0 applications discourages many from using the applications in a professional setting however, this will change over the next 3-5 years.

  • Peer reviewed information will become increasingly more valuable over other traditional sources.

To learn more about Professionals and Web 2.0 please click on the link below:


The official launch of the Professionals and Web 2.0 whitepaper will be held at:


Information Online 2009 14th ALIA Exhibition and Conference

20-22 January, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

Darling Harbour, NSW, Australia

Hall 5, Stand 111 – 112

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